State of Email Live: Hacks to Engage, Convert and Monetize Your Customers

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Many email programs face two conflicting challenges. Consumers have reined in discretionary spending, making them less responsive to email promotions. Senders are under increased C-level pressure to send more emails to older/less engaged subscribers to generate more short-term revenue.

Caught in a vicious circle of declining engagement and deliverability, how do responsible email marketers square this circle? Johanna Morlock-Abbasi from The Bradford Group has the answers and shared her most effective hacks to keep customers engaged and primed to spend as the revenue-critical Q4 peak sales season approaches.

Watch on demand to hear about:

  • Top alternative tactics to keep customers engaged and spending
  • Marketing to “needs” versus “wants”
  • Why understanding price elasticity is key
  • Is $20 off $100 more effective than 20%?
  • The revenue impact of great deliverability!

Validity’s in-house expert Julie Stuck also joined to review the latest global email KPIs, and how they’re trending.