State of Email Live: Gmail & Yahoo’s New Sender Requirements

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Representing ± 1 in every 5 consumer email inboxes globally, Yahoo is a very important mailbox provider for email marketers. Continual innovation means maintaining alignment with the standards and best practices they expect from responsible senders is essential for campaign success.

So when Yahoo (and Gmail) announce changes that further raise the bar, email senders need to pay attention! Requirements for stronger authentication, simpler opt-outs, and lower spam complaint rates are all on the way – soon!

Why are they making these changes, and what’s the impact for email marketers? Watch on-demand to learn from one of the people best positioned to answer these questions – Yahoo’s Marcel Becker.

Watch for details on:

  • Why these changes are being introduced
  • When this will be happening
  • How to comply with the new requirements
  • What will happen to non-compliant emails
  • Implications (and benefits) for deliverability and engagement

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