State of Email Live: Email Marketing Essentials – 2023 in Review, 2024 in Focus

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Change is the only constant! In 2023 email surfed the AI tidal wave, predictive personalization and in-email shopping is now mainstream, BIMI logos have verification checkmarks in Gmail and Yahoo, Apple introduced link tracking protection, and new privacy legislation is now reality in another 7 US states.

There’s plenty more to come. Google is implementing its new 24-month inactives deletion policy. The Gmail and Yahoo requirements around authentication, unsubscribing, and complaint rates are imminent (spoiler alert – two-thirds of email programs aren’t compliant!). And new AI legislation is already in the pipeline.

On top of all this, deliverability continues to get harder. It’s enough to make heads spin!

Watch on demand the last State of Email of this year to review all the biggest email developments from 2023, and what are the predictions for 2024, including:

  • How they dealt with these challenges
  • Black Friday performance, and holidays season prep
  • Preparing for the Gmail/Yahoo changes
  • Email marketing predictions for 2024

In-house expert Megan Farquharson also reviewed the latest global email KPIs, and how they trended as the year closed out.