State of Email Live [APAC] – Certified Brilliance: How to Achieve 100% Inbox Placement

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Email marketing is seriously competitive! 1 in 6 marketing messages don’t make it to the inbox, meaning lost revenue every time this happens.

But there is an exclusive club that uses Validity’s Sender Certification program to close this gap, moving the deliverability needle close to 100%, and generating serious additional revenue.
We’ll present hot-off-the-press analysis to explain why certification remains such an essential part of every sender’s deliverability strategy, and email expert Dominic Poyntz, Head of CRM & Trade at Australian retailer Greencross Pet Wellness Company will join us to talk through the major performance benefits for their email program since becoming certified.
We’ll hear:

  • How Sender Certification works, and where it’s most effective
  • The full range of deliverability benefits it offers
  • Additional use cases beyond better deliverability
  • The additional program revenue it generates