State of Email Live, Ep. 25: Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

On September 20th, Apple released iOS 15 and introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) to its users. This new privacy feature presents a huge change for email marketers. It’s expected that degraded pixel tracking will cause large portions of marketers’ lists to generate performance data that is mostly useless, and in turn, functionality like recency management, split testing, and live content will be badly impacted.

In this edition of State of Email Live, we share everything we’ve learned about MPP since its release to help you navigate this shift. Jen Partin, Senior Marketing Manager Email & SMS at Hickory Farms, discusses the changes she’s making to her email program to continue to drive results following the launch of MPP.

You’ll learn:

  • How MPP works and the impact of these changes
  • Unexpected upsides (there are a few!) of MPP
  • How open rates are trending following the launch of MPP
  • Everest enhancements that provide senders with new data points


Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar also features the latest in email and data trends, presented by Sophie Jean.