State of Email Live, Ep. 22: Compliance and Privacy

A global shift towards greater recognition of consumer data privacy rights has seen a raft of new legislation over the past few years, including GDPR in Europe and LGPD in Brazil. For marketers, especially those with a multi-national presence, these new laws present both challenges and opportunities.

On this State of Email Live, Guy Hanson is joined by Karie Burt, Chief Data & Privacy Officer at MeritB2B, who believes greater commitment to consumer privacy is a force for good. She’ll discuss her experience adapting to new privacy laws and preparing for them in countries where they are still on the horizon. This webinar will also feature members of Validity’s global Professional Services team, who will provide expert commentary on the bodies who enforce these laws and new developments that marketers need to keep an eye on.

Attendees will learn:

  • Key legislation that governs (or will govern) their marketing activities
  • How these laws are being enforced, including recent judgements and fines
  • Why marketers should embrace new laws as an opportunity to improve performance