State of Email: Email Excellence With Expedia

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Travel is enjoying a post-pandemic resurgence at the moment.

But like most major marketing opportunities, challenges always arise. Travel campaigns are at record levels, deliverability is getting harder, and competition for engagement and spending power is fierce.

When it comes to email innovation, Expedia is deservedly seen as an innovator. In June’s episode, David Kim, Senior Manager, CRM Technical Operations, share how they stay ahead of the pack.

Watch on-demand recording to learn about:

  • Tactics for a top-tier travel sender reputation
  • What travel communications customers actually want to receive!
  • Maintaining engagement between bookings
  • How Expedia is harnessing Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Sender Certification is essential for sending success

Plus, watch Rafael Viana’s analysis of the very latest email trends we saw for global volumes and inbox placement rates in mid-2023.