State of Email: Deliverability Deep Dive 

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Every year email deliverability throws up new challenges and 2023 is no exception. Artificial intelligence, Apple privacy, economic headwinds, and from December Gmail starts deleting inactive accounts.

Add these curveballs to our latest research showing the Black Friday deliverability dip now lasts throughout the holiday season to early January. That’s serious lost revenue if you’re not hitting your subscribers’ inboxes!

In September’s State of Email Live webinar, we have an awesome set of global deliverability experts to review these latest developments, quantify their impact, and offer their very best guidance on how sending tactics need to adapt.

Watch on demand recoding to learn all about:

  • The most important email deliverability trends this year.
  • Which mailbox providers are hardest to deliver to, and why!
  • Why AI means both opportunities and threats.
  • How senders benefit from tougher privacy initiatives.
  • Essential tactics to guarantee Black Friday isn’t a deliverability black hole!

Also, Validity’s in-house expert Julie Stuck joined to review all the latest global email KPIs, and how they’ve been trending over the past month.