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A well known skin care company invented sonic skin cleansing in 2004, and today has sold over 15 million of its patented devices while becoming the number one facial cleansing device recommended by US. Dermatologists. They also offers skin care cleansers for smoother, softer, and healthier skin, and their award winning devices are available in over 50 countries around the world.


This skin care brand leverages the email channel to inform subscribers of special offers and new products, while also promoting product replenishment for purchasers. Over half of the email list is new to file every year, and the decision to purchase a device is, on average, a three to five  month process, so email is critical to keep the brand top of mind for subscribers and nurture their path to conversion.

This email program was experiencing decreasing inbox placement at Gmail, along with declining subscriber engagement across the email list. To address these concerns, the email team partnered with Return Path’s Consulting Services to help optimize their email program toward the following goals:

  • Address Gmail deliverability concerns
  • Increase subscriber engagement
  • Mitigate deliverability risk

Over half of the email list is new to file every year, and the decision to purchase a device is, on average, a three to five month process, so email is critical to keep the brand top of mind for subscribers and nurture their path to conversion.


Return Path’s Consulting Services provided the brand with an analysis of their current email program, highlighting areas of vulnerability and opportunities for optimization, specifically focusing on Gmail. As the brand’s Assistant Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing explains, “Return Path’s Email Strategist clearly researched our brand and business, audited our email program, and asked the right questions. Most importantly, she listened and synthesized our answers, asked for relevant data and leveraged it in meaningful ways, and explaining complex ideas in a way that was relatable to our business.”

During this strategic engagement, the skin care brand received a customized priority action plan with practical, actionable recommendations to boost subscriber engagement, revenue, and ROI. Following completion of the project, they also received the support of a dedicated Email Strategist to help with the implementation of recommendations and provide continued monitoring and guidance for a three month period.

“I really appreciated the thorough introduction into our infrastructure review, and I cannot rave enough about the Inbox Placement + Sender Reputation section. So much goes into deliverability, but this does a great job of breaking it down into bite sized ideas. I especially loved how a topic was introduced, brand-specific data was pulled in, and tailored action items in the form of checklist were presented. Vendors often miss the mark on customizing their recommendations to our brand, but the Return Path Email Strategist did a fantastic job throughout our engagement.”

Assistant Manager
CRM & Digital Marketing


By partnering with Return Path and implementing customized recommendations to their email program, the skin care brand saw a 45 percent increase in Gmail inbox placement while significantly decreasing spam rates across all domains. Additional actions are currently underway which will also improve list quality, subscriber engagement, sender reputation, and overall email program performance.

“I cannot be more thankful for our Email Strategist’s expertise, patience, and guidance. She did an amazing job of prioritizing our top concern (Gmail deliverability), distilling the data we provided, and forming customized recommendations around that. There was a lot to unpack, but we came out with a very clear action plan. Thanks to her recommendations and support, we’re in a better place with Gmail.” – Assistant Manager, CRM & Digital Marketing



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