Making the Case for Sender Certification: The Essential Insurance Policy for Email Senders

Learn why elite senders around the world rely on Validity Sender Certification to protect them from deliverability threats.

Psst! Did you know there’s an exclusive club of email senders that achieves ~100% inbox placement, even as global deliverability gets more and more difficult? 

The secret to their success is Validity Sender Certification—the ultimate email insurance policy for email senders. 

On average, Certified senders get 27 million more emails to subscribers’ inboxes each year than their non-Certified counterparts. What would this be worth to your business? 

To learn how top senders are using Certification to get a leg up on the competition, read this guide. 

Look inside for details on: 

  • How Certification protects senders from deliverability threats like ESP migrations, seasonality, mandated mailings, and more. 
  • How elite senders like Virgin Atlantic and Hickory Farms use Certification to significantly boost email performance and revenue. 
  • A look at deliverability performance of Certified vs. Non-Certified senders at MBPs like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo. 
  • An overview of Certification’s other benefits like improved email open rates, clicks, and throughput. 

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