Insights from the 2020 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report

We recently analyzed over 2 billion promotional emails sent in 2019 from thousands of senders in over a dozen industries to see how many emails were delivered to the inbox, spam or blocked altogether. Where do you stand in comparison to your peers on key deliverability metrics?

Watch the webinar, Insights from the 2020 Deliverability Benchmark, hosted by Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement, Validity, and Tom Sather, Senior Director of Marketing, Validity, to see if your organization is hitting the mark and reaching your most important digital asset—email subscribers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to measure, monitor, and improve the metrics that matter the most when it comes to email deliverability
  • Best practices to avoid having your emails sent to the spam folder
  • The latest trends and what’s around the corner in the email deliverability universe so you can beat your benchmark and your peers’

Watch now!