[Inbox Insiders] Advanced Email Engagement Tactics: How to Win Clicks and Conversions in Crowded Inboxes

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Hearing crickets from your email subscribers lately?

The time and money you spend on your email program go up in smoke if you can’t earn those coveted clicks and conversions.

But it’s harder to win subscriber engagement as inboxes get more crowded, consumer expectations rise, and tough economic conditions curb spending.

Plus, Apple’s MPP means senders can’t use once-reliable signals to track audience engagement.

For expert strategies to take your emails from “revenue bust” to “engagement boost,” join us for this episode of Inbox Insiders, featuring Validity’s in-house Sr. Email Strategist, Rafael Viana.

Tune in for details on:

  • BIMI: How to get optimal results and why it matters now that Apple has announced BIMI support with iOS 16
  • Easy accessibility tweaks to make emails digestible for a wider audience
  • How to make a killer impression by optimizing subject lines and CTAs
  • Segmentation strategies to deliver relevant content for every audience