[Inbox Insiders] 4 Next-Level Email Strategies to Try Now—and 4 Outdated Practices to Avoid

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Can old-school email marketers learn new tricks? To stay competitive in this climate, they’ll have to.

Global email volumes have risen by 82% over the past two years—meaning you can’t rely on old tactics to grow your email program and win attention in the inbox.

In this edition of Inbox Insiders, Validity’s in-house email strategist Megan Farquharson explores email tactics guaranteed to take your program to the next level.

As she’ll explain, strategies once considered cutting edge will now mark your program as hopelessly behind the times—and will seriously alienate subscribers. Especially as consumer expectations rise and forces like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) make the email landscape more challenging.

This expert-led workshop skips the fluff and gives senders practical guidance to advance their email programs.

Tune in for details on:

  • The consequences of buying or renting lists, and foolproof tips to grow your list organically.
  • How to turn your unsubscribe button into a secret weapon.
  • How to fine-tune your subject lines to avoid spam filters (even seasoned senders make mistakes here!)
  • The dangers of sending mass emails from new domains and IPs, and tips to ensure a proper warm-up period.