[Inbox Insiders] The Low-Down on List Hygiene: 7 Strategies for a Post MPP World

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It sounds easy enough: Keep your lists clean and solid email performance will follow. There’s just one problem: The notorious MPP.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection has thrown senders some serious curveballs over the past year. Among them, it’s made go-to list hygiene practices less relevant.

Now that senders can’t trust open rates to determine subscriber engagement, they’re at risk of low engagement rates, increased spam trap hits, and major damage to email deliverability.

For the low-down on list hygiene post MPP, join us for this episode of Inbox Insiders, featuring Validity’s in-house email strategist Danielle Gallant.

She’ll discuss seven no-sweat strategies to keep email lists clean and comprised of valid, engaged contacts.

Tune in for details on:

  • How to leverage a double-opt in model to increase engagement and lower complaint rates
  • Tips to collect zero-party data to make messages more relevant and engaging
  • How to craft a re-engagement series your subscribers can’t ignore
  • Ways to optimize your preference center to encourage engagement—and why unsubscribes can be a good thing
  • Guidance to revamp your recency algorithms to determine engagement—and when to suppress non-responders