[Inbox Insiders] How to Get More from Your Email List Validation

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Email list validation is key to ensuring that your time and resources are spent marketing to real people.

But too many marketers neglect this foundational element in the rush to get their campaigns out the door. Other marketers understand the importance of list validation enough to invest in a solution—but make critical mistakes that prevent them from getting the most bang for their buck.

Particularly as marketers send to new contacts collected during holiday campaigns—and new forces like Gmail’s inactive account policy takes effect—list validation is more important than ever.

For expert guidance to get more from your list validation, join Validity’s in-house Email Strategist Megan Farquharson as she shares insights on:

  • How to classify your contacts based on their age, engagement level, and other factors
  • When to use bulk validation vs. validating at the point of signup
  • How to use list validation to cut unnecessary costs and boost email ROI
  • What to look for in a list validation solution