How to Get Better Results from Your CRM Data: 7 Plays to Break Down Silos, Unite Stakeholders, and Improve Data Management

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Who doesn’t love a crossover episode? Inbox Insiders and Data In Sight joined forces to give attendees actionable tips to get better results from their CRM data.

Why does this matter?

The average customer lifecycle is getting longer and more complex. At the same time, customer expectations for personalized, relevant brand outreach are getting higher.

To succeed in this environment, admins, operations, marketing, and sales need to work together.

Watch on-demand for details on:

  • Tips to break down data management silos and unite CRM stakeholders
  • Ways to keep data clean while delivering omnichannel experiences
  • How to prevent data decay and duplicate records from sabotaging your outreach
  • Tips to leverage data to deliver personalized experience in line with consumer expectations