Easy Steps to Power Up Your Email Preference Center

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Give your audience options to improve their email experience, before they unsubscribe.

Email preference centers. Most businesses have one, but few take the time to fully optimize these pages.

As a result, marketers miss valuable opportunities to learn about their audience, build consumer trust, and increase email engagement.

It’s time to power up your preference center.

Apple’s MPP, new privacy laws, and the disappearance of third-party cookies mean senders need preference center data to deliver relevant, personalized content that wins clicks and conversions.

Plus, don’t you want to give your audience options to improve their experience before hitting the unsubscribe button?

For easy steps to take your preference center to full power, follow this checklist.

Look inside for details on:

  • The types of questions your preference center should ask, including content interests, mail frequency, and more.
  • How to promote your preference center so subscribers will actually use it.
  • Design tips to make these pages eye-catching and user friendly.
  • The right (and wrong!) way to handle email opt-outs.

Get your checklist today!

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