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Driving ROI with DemandTools: Top 4 Benefits of a Complete CRM Data Management Solution

See how DemandTools customers achieve an ROI of 418 percent.

Data is the backbone of any successful business. 

But managing it gets expensive. As new records enter the CRM, data becomes inconsistent and duplicated—which drives up storage costs, spoils sales and marketing outreach, and burns customer relationships. 

Validity DemandTools gives CRM users and stakeholders a better alternative to data drama. 

To explore these challenges, we partnered with Hobson & Company to conduct 12 in-depth interviews with current DemandTools customers. 

Look inside for details on: 

  • How DemandTools customers achieve a positive ROI in just three months 
  • Ways DemandTools reduces CRM storage costs, eliminates tedious admin tasks, and makes marketing and sales outreach more effective 
  • Unexpected benefits of DemandTools on employee satisfaction and productivity