The Insider’s Guide to DMARC

2019 saw a dramatic rise in data breaches from the previous year. But did you know that most data breaches occur because of email threats, more specifically phishing emails, that are spoofed to look like well-known brands that attempt to trick users into providing sensitive information.

But there is something that organizations can do as a first step to protect their brands, their valuable customers from email-borne threats: implement DMARC. Unfortunately, implementing DMARC is easier said than done. This industry standard has seen rapid adoption by most mailbox providers, but adoption has been slow for some industries. The technology relies on email authentication and that inherently adds a level of complexity in managing your DMARC implementation effectively.

To help you fully understand DMARC and the value it provides we’ve created a no-nonsense eBook that covering major areas of DMARC to help you get started on the path to protecting your brand and your customers. Included in the eBook is:

  • An introduction to DMARC
  • The History of DMARC
  • A walk-through of how it works
  • Requirements to begin your implementation
  • Steps to get the most out of DMARC