Disruption: How the 2020 Pandemic Changed Email

Actionable email insights during uncertain times.

Everything we thought we knew about consumer behavior changed in 2020. All our years of carefully watching metrics and optimizing email campaigns suddenly turned on its head, leaving us navigating totally uncharted waters in a desperate bid to stay afloat during an unprecedented global crisis.

As we tracked consumer and business email trends, we started to notice a shift in email marketing behavior. Budgets shifted to digital, recipient activity changed, and volume went way up.

Each month, we broadcasted our latest findings in a series called State of Email Live, welcoming guests from around the industry to weigh in on how email was changing and where it may go from here.

Now, we’ve compiled our findings into one, comprehensive resource for marketers to use as a benchmark of their 2020 performance, a springboard into 2021, and a compendium of the most actionable insights we had access to in this whirlwind year.

  • How did senders react to different stages of the pandemic?
  • What impact did stay-at-home orders have on open and click rates?
  • Will traditional high-volume email holidays ever be the same?
  • How do you compete in an increasingly congested inbox?

We explore these questions and more in DISRUPTION: How the 2020 Pandemic Changed Email.

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