[Data In Sight] Managing the Love/Hate Relationship with Data

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Trapped in a never-ending love/hate relationship with your CRM data?  

We’re ready to play Cupid.   

Watch the Valentine’s-themed Data In Sight webinar recording that will help you manage your database more effectively and bring the spark back to your admin role.   

In just 30 minutes, our team of data experts delved into the most common reasons CRM users and admins hate their data, and how to bring back that lovin’ feeling.  

Tune in for details on:  

  • The most common issues admins face with routine management processes like importing/exporting data, merging and cleaning duplicate records, and more.  
  • Expert hacks to optimize every step of the data management process.  
  • A look at how our experts use Validity DemandTools to tackle their top data management heartaches.