APAC State of Email Live, Ep. 1

Email marketers face unique challenges in 2021, with constantly evolving audience and email environment. These challenges will continue into the upcoming peak sales seasons, and expectations are high that this year records will be broken! But more sales events mean more emails are being sent – as email marketers know this can cause more problems than benefits. With overly full inboxes, subscriber engagement will drop and deliverability will get even harder.

In recognition of these challenges, Validity APAC are proud to launch our new State of Email series, bringing the latest trends and solutions to support email marketers through the upcoming sales season.

Validity’s William Zhang and Guy Hanson discuss:

  • Privacy laws and regulations – looking at our new privacy eBook and talking about the impact of Australia’s new unsubscribe laws.
  • Engagement-based strategies – why they are important in peak sales seasons, such as Click Frenzy and Singles Day
  • Split testing as a tactic – what should you be testing? and how to measure it

Nhan Tran also joins to present our “Email Analytics” slot, using our global data to see how key email metrics are trending as we approach what is going to be yet another record-breaking peak-sale season.