5 Ways to Combat Common CRM Data Trends: What we learned from 1,200 organizations

Your CRM is the fastest path to better business insights. But what if those insights aren’t telling the whole story?

We asked 1,200+ Salesforce organizations around the world about their experiences managing CRM data, and uncovered 5 shocking trends and widespread discrepancies between data quality assumptions and reality.

Tune in to hear from Ben McCarthy, Founder of Salesforce Ben, Kate Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Validity, and Olivia Hinkle, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Validity, and Erick Mahle, Co-Founder of Ohanaly, as they break down these trends and share 5 ways that expert Salesforce Admins and executive teams are solving today’s most common data quality problems, better aligning their teams, and bridging the gap between CRM data expectations and reality.

You will get a sneak peek into the most comprehensive and recent data on:

  • Why there’s a disconnect between your organization’s CRM data quality expectations and reality – and what to do about it
  • The broader impact of your CRM data – not just on reporting and analytics, but on your go-to-market success, customer retention, and internal company culture as well
  • The barriers to CRM data management initiatives and how you can capture cross-department and leadership buy-in to remediate data chaos
  • How to establish a future-proof CRM data management program that fuels accurate, unbiased business insights and creates competitive advantage for your organization