What’s Your Email Marketing IQ?

Mild: You’re a bell pepper!

Flavor profile

OK, so you’re not blowing any minds. But as a sender, you have enough email knowledge to keep your program predictable, reliable, and easy to digest. That’s a great place to start.

But don’t you think it might be time to push the envelope—and your subscribers’ palettes—a little? It’s time to go beyond basic. After all, how will you know how much better your email program can be if you don’t turn up the heat?


Kick it up a notch

It’s time to test if your subscribers have an appetite for something more flavorful.

Whatever you cook up doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be tasty. Start adding a little spice to your email strategy by peppering in some tips from the email experts.

Check out our resource center for the latest and greatest email checklists, guides, cheat sheets, and more.

These resources will keep you on the cutting edge (and out of the frying pan!) as the email landscape evolves.

Still craving more?

For maximum heat, get cookin’ with a technology partner like Validity.

Validity Sender Certification helps senders achieve scorching-hot email performance by helping them reach the inbox—not the spam folder. What could be spicier than that?  

To learn how the Sender Certification program can help you bring the heat in subscribers’ inboxes, protect your campaigns from deliverability threats, and get more eyes on your messages, see if you’re pre-approved today.