Address Verification Software

The Validity BriteVerify platform enables you to maintain actionable contact information. The mailing address verification capabilities ensure you have accurate mailing lists, allowing you to deliver mail more efficiently with less spending.

Keep your mailing lists accurate.

Mailing address verification saves money by reducing mailings to inaccurate addresses and provides a better experience for the people who expect to receive communications from you. 

BriteVerify postal address verification uses the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) from the United States Postal Service (USPS). This system ensures high-quality address matching for better accuracy by correcting and standardizing addresses and adding missing information to complete them. 

Our system works for any address in the United States to give you high-quality contact lists for mailing to customers, employees, and prospects. 

How to use address verification tools

Address verification tools allow you to refine your current contact lists or validate new contacts. Here are a few ways to use the BriteVerify platform:

  • Perform a quick, one-time validation of your existing lists before you mail.
  • Verify addresses entered in web forms, internal systems, or e-commerce order forms.
  • Check lists periodically to keep them up-to-date and maintain standardized information.

“We use BriteVerify to scrub/clean customer databases so they can best target their active leads, prospects, and clients while saving money on database hosting.”

Chief Growth Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions


What is address verification software?

Address verification software checks contact information to verify accuracy and standardize entries. With mailing address verification, you can rely on correct mailing addresses to communicate with prospects, send information to employees, mail products, and follow up after a sale.


What are the benefits of customer address verification software?

Your address lists provide a valuable tool for your operations, especially when they work correctly. Here are a few ways that address validation software benefits your business:

  • Lowering mailing costs: Validating addresses before you send mail reduces the chances of undeliverable mail being returned to you or lost.
  • Better quality data: By standardizing and cleaning your address lists periodically, you'll have higher quality address data.
  • More effective communication: Validation improves customer communication by verifying and standardizing addresses to ensure communications are received.
  • Faster delivery: A standardized format makes mail delivery more efficient, speeding up results by several days.


How does address verification work?

Address verification checks address information to see whether it corresponds with a physical address. Validation also shares information about the address, such as whether it belongs to a home or business location. You can perform address verification using the BriteVerify platform in a couple of ways:

  1. Bulk verification: Maintain good database hygiene using bulk verification to re-verify addresses at-rest in your database, weeding out decayed contact information.
  2. Real-time verification: Verify addresses as people enter them using our real-time API, checking each new entry before it goes into your database.


Why choose BriteVerify for contact verification?

The BriteVerify platform allows you to do more than verify addresses. You can also use it to validate phone and email information. BriteVerify also integrates with other Validity products to provide you with total data management.

Maintain accurate and actionable mailing address lists.