The Best Father's Day Email I Ever Received

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Father’s Day is less than a week away. And if that realization just sent you into a state of panic, you’re not alone. According to Nextopia, almost a quarter of online consumers wait until the week before Father’s Day to shop, while 12 percent wait until the last minute. Which means there is still time for both retailers and shoppers to provide dad with the perfect gift.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration to target last-minute Father’s Day shoppers or already thinking about your strategy for next year, Return Path’s Professional Services Team has scoured our inboxes to share the clever, engaging strategies that landed these emails on our list of Father’s Day favorites.

casey_headshot_2013_w1024Casey Swanton

Sender: Uncommon Goods
Subject Line: 50 Father’s Day Gifts for the Win

The subject line promises some food for thought, and the creative comes through with some fun eye candy. With 50 featured gifts and six clickable categories, Uncommon Goods’ email is entertaining to skim and easy to click. I also have to call out their footer. They clearly cite what type of email this is and provide links to both the preference center to adjust subscriptions and a separate unsubscribe to opt out. Good on you, Uncommon Goods!




bonnie_maloneBonnie Malone

Sender: Kate Spade
Subject Line: father’s day gifts to make dad smile

I love the lighthearted approach of this campaign. The vintage photo and corny “dad jokes” evoke an emotional response, and even though no product is pictured, it makes me want to buy something from them for my dad!



alexandra_braunstein (1)Alexandra Braunstein

Sender: Tuckernuck
Subject Line: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Online retailer Tuckernuck caught my attention with their straight forward subject line, while the message used an editorial strategy to highlight their top five favorite gift options. The “s” shaped layout along with visually appealing lifestyle and product images helped guide my eyes down the message while providing a positive rendering experience on both my phone and desktop.



henry_profile_pic_w1024Henry Gutierrez

Sender: NFL
Subject Line: Still Need a Gift for Dad? Free 3-Day Shipping Guarantees Delivery by 6/19 or it’s FREE!

This campaign’s subject line is all about urgency and getting a gift in time for dad—as emails usually are when the big day approaches. The urgency is reinforced throughout the content, which shows customized NFL gear according to team preference. Aside from the navigation bar that helps drive traffic, an interesting call out in the email is to let subscribers know about the “Dad” icon for products located on their website that guarantees delivery by Father’s Day.


lauraLaura Christensen

Sender: Headline
Subject Line: New Bacon Cologne for Dad!

As competition for subscriber attention in the inbox continues to grow, it’s important for messages to stand out, which is why I love Headline’s strategy for this campaign. Rather than compete with other “sale” subject lines, they compel subscribers to open the email to find out if bacon cologne is really a thing. Given that Headline’s subscription form states they have the “funniest email newsletter ever”, they know their audience will appreciate the approach.



Of course we would never forget about mom! See which emails topped our list of favorites for Mother’s Day.



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