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Power Up Your Manual Data Management Processes with PowerGrid

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For data managers, streamlining and automating data management processes is critical, but inevitably there are situations where things need to be done manually. PowerGrid—one of the many modules of DemandTools—is the right solution for those manual jobs.

Whether you’re modifying “unruly” data that doesn’t fit cleanly within a find-and-fix query or addressing issues related to specific records, PowerGrid allows you to manage data inside the CRM data center without needing to export and reimport.

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PowerGrid lets you work with subsets of data and make changes to individual records or en masse. Plus, its specialized filters help you identify and purge junk data. Since there’s no exporting and reimporting of data, PowerGrid helps maintain the security and integrity of your data set.

Simply put, PowerGrid and its spreadsheet-style workspace provides the easiest way to handle manual data management processes while reducing data security concerns and maintaining compliance with new data handling requirements.

Why DemandTools?

PowerGrid is just one of the modules making DemandTools the complete solution Salesforce admins trust for CRM data management.

With robust capabilities—from deduplication and standardization, to sophisticated data management capabilities keeping your CRM data clean and actionable—DemandTools relieves data managers of the most tedious aspects of the job.

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