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7 Great Examples of a Perfect E-Receipt

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A customer’s perspective may be that a perfect e-receipt is an exact copy of a traditional receipt but in a digital format, whereas a marketer may say a perfect e-receipt is one that helps to drive the business to more sales. I think getting the balance right benefits both the consumer and marketer because an e-receipt done correctly is a win/win for everyone.

In my last post, I walked you through the do’s and don’ts for sending e-receipts. In this post, I’ll showcase a few examples of e-receipts that I think are worth sharing because these brands are taking advantage of the e-receipt format to enhance the customer experience along with driving business goals.

Example 1: Mothercare 

Subject line: Your receipt from Mothercare Kingston

Mothercare takes the opportunity to promote their app. They do this by promoting their app’s receipt management functionality. This is extremely relevant given that the customer has just opted-in to receive an e-receipt.

I believe that e-receipts work well for retailers like Mothercare because prams, car seats, etc. often have a guarantee/warranty, so they are a very convenient way to store purchase information. They include a “Something’s not right” section that also covers security, and I love that Mothercare has moved away from the traditional receipt style, bringing it in line with their branding.




Example 2: Evans 

Subject line:  Evans Cycles Receipt <receipt number>

Here is a texted based example from Evans Cycles, who take the opportunity to request customer feedback, supply product review(s), and provide useful links (i.e., return/exchange policy.) Whilst the content is relevant, the look and feel of the design is possibly a bit jaded and utilitarian. I wonder whether the text heavy email is designed to reduce the chances of spam filtering, but they shouldn’t worry too much. If anything, the inclusion of a PDF attachment is more likely to trigger filtering than the creative content. I think Evans could certainly benefit from creating a more visually appealing version and test which version works better!



Example 3: Philz Coffee Inc.

Subject line:  Receipt from Philz Coffee Inc.

I love the simplicity of the design and that Philz Coffee is mindful about privacy by including a “Not your receipt?” link. They also have a preference center specific to receipts, which provides a great experience for the customer by putting them in the driver’s seat!  Note too, that they’re encouraging the recipient to reply…good work Philz!


Example 4: Macy’s

Subject line:  Here’s your e-Receipt from Westfield Valley Fair

Macy’s have taken a traditional receipt design, and the barcode is great for both security and fraud prevention. Along with promoting their rewards program, we feel they could use the banner to send appropriate offers or encourage customer feedback.


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Example 5: Halfords

Subject line: Your Halfords eReceipt

The branding is spot on point, the design is neat, and there is no attachment so information is available quickly. This e-receipt would be more useful if it had links to the product(s) purchased, and Halfords could use the opportunity to add further product recommendations.


Example 6: Miss Selfridge

Subject line: Your Digital Receipt
Miss Selfridge’s email is great, and I love how they populate both the last refund date and store address. The email is sent almost in real time, and I think the skimmable design presents the receipt, the help section, the feedback request, and the social links well. For the most part, I like how Miss Selfridge gives me the option to trigger an e-receipt using a code printed on my paper receipt.




Example 7: Argos

Subject line: Your Argos E-Receipt

My last example is from Argos, a client of Yocuda (eReceipts) who is a leading provider of e-receipt solutions. To help Argos tackle challenges with television returns, they include links to support content such as manuals and videos specific to the items purchased. This is a great way to give your customer useful post-purchase information and, moreover, helped Argos reduce television return rates – what a bonus!



All things considered, I think e-receipts offer more than just a paperless receipt. Join me in my next blog where I’m joined by Yocuda (eReceipts) to discuss more thoughts, considerations, and tips around e-receipts.