How Clean is Your Salesforce Data?

CRM Data Management White Paper

Do You Trust Your CRM Data?

Today’s businesses have an increasing amount of data available, but it’s estimated that more than 20 percent of any organization’s database is invalid or dirty.

In fact, one out of 3 business leaders don’t trust they are using reliable, clean data to help them make strategic decisions.

This Salesforce data management white paper, from the maker of the world’s leading CRM data quality tools, will explore how incomplete, non-standardized, duplicate, or un-clean data records can impede your efforts to achieve your business goals and objectives.

The white paper will also showcase the negative effects that bad data can have on various aspects of your organization, including sales and marketing forecasts and contact databases, if not routinely managed and cleansed.

Lastly, it provides an overview of clean data quality best practices related to data cleansing and manipulation to help you implement improved data management processes. At the conclusion of the paper, we’ll provide a path to mitigate risks related to poor data quality that might exist within your CRM.

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