Phone Number and Mailing Address Verification

Validate phone numbers and mailing addresses before spending time and money trying to connect with each contact.

Ensure your time and money are spent contacting valid phone numbers.

Reaching out to invalid or inactive phone numbers, whether it be via SMS message or direct dial, wastes valuable time and money. BriteVerify checks phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada to ensure they exist. Your validation results will tell you if the number belongs to a mobile phone, landline, or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), as well as if it is residential, business, or small office. This information gives you a better understanding of the customers you are contacting so you can tailor your communications to be more effective. With phone validation, you can keep your database up to date and ensure your sales, marketing, and service teams are contacting real numbers that drive revenue. Phone numbers can be verified through list validation, the Bulk Verification API, and the Real-Time Single Transaction API.

How should phone number validation be used?

  • Verify phone numbers at the point of entry on your web forms, ecommerce order forms, or data entry for internal systems using an API.
  • Proactive cleaning of your database to ensure phone numbers are up to date for your internal teams.
  • Quick, one-off validation of a list of phone numbers prior to reaching out.

Stop wasting money mailing to inaccurate addresses.

Whether you are communicating with existing customers, prospects, or employees via physical mail, you’re wasting money each time you mail to an invalid address. Plus, the recipient experience is damaged if an expected mailing is not received. BriteVerify validates U.S. mailing addresses leveraging the power of the official USPS CASS database. Results are returned to you ready to use, with proper format using CASS guidelines. With address validation, you can ensure prompt and accurate delivery of your physical mailings and reduce wasteful spend. Mailing addresses can be validated through the Real-Time Single Transaction API.

How should mailing address validation be used?

  • Verify mailing addresses at the point of entry on your web forms, ecommerce order forms, or data entry for internal systems.
  • Quick, one-off validation of a list of mailing addresses before you mail.

“We use BriteVerify to scrub/clean customer databases so they can best target their active leads, prospects, and clients while saving money on database hosting.”

Chief Growth Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions


What is phone number validation?

Many businesses communicate with customers and prospects via phone calls and/or text messages. However, not all phone numbers are reliable. Phone validation is the process of checking phone numbers to see if they are accurate and callable. Phone validation can also provide valuable information about the number you are contacting such as the phone type and if it is a residential or business number so you can plan more effective communications.


Why is phone validation important?

Unverified phone numbers increase wasteful marketing spend, slow down sales follow-up, and add friction to the customer journey by hindering timely and personalized communications. Verified contact information immediately improves the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and customer teams as well as the revenue and the experience they deliver.


What are the benefits of phone number validation?

  • Maximize business performance. Accurate phone data is a valuable asset for your business. With phone validation, you can keep an actionable and up-to-date database. It helps ensures your sales, marketing, and service teams are contacting real numbers that drive revenue and eliminates unnecessary costs and wasted effort.
  • Determine important information about phone number owner. Phone validation not only verifies the format and existence of a phone number, but it also provides valuable information about who you are calling. You can understand the type of phone you’re dialing (cell, landline, or VOIP) and whether the phone number is residential, business, or small office. This information allows you to better prepare for your conversation and plan more effective communications that are tailored to the person on the other end of the line. This information can be especially valuable for businesses that send SMS messages to their customers and prospects and need to ensure they are contacting mobile phone numbers.
  • Improve your customer experience. Having the correct phone number for a customer allows you to communicate with them, when needed. Whether you’re informing them of an update to their order or a relevant promotion, accurate phone data allows you to keep an open line of communication with your customers so they remain happy.
  • Improve prospect service. When a prospect provides their phone number, they expect timely follow-up. That’s why validating phone numbers at the point-of-entry is so critical. If the number is entered incorrectly, the prospect will not get the follow-up they expect, resulting in a missed opportunity for your business.


How does phone number validation work?

Phone validation checks the format of the phone number as well as if the number is available to receive calls or text messages. BriteVerify verifies numbers in the United States and Canada. Phone numbers can be validated in three different ways:  

  1. Upload a list in the BriteVerify web app for quick and easy one-off validation.
  2. Use the Bulk Verification API to validate phone numbers in bulk to maintain a clean and actionable database.
  3. Use the Real-Time Single Transaction API to validate phone numbers at the point-of-entry to prevent invalid and typo phone numbers from entering your database in the first place.


What are the phone validation results?

The phone verification results show three different data sets: phone status, phone type, and phone location. The phone status results are divided into valid, unknown, and invalid. The unknown status is tied to a valid phone number, however recent connectivity is undetermined. Out of the valid results, we then look at the different phone types that were found and list them below. These are divided into mobile, land line, and digital.


What is the best tool for phone validation?

The best tools for phone validation are those that adhere to the highest privacy and security standards in order to protect the PII of your customers. The best tools will also grow and scale with your business. Validating phone numbers is a great way to start managing your customer data but it’s only one component. To truly maximize the return on your customer data, you need a complete data management solution. BriteVerify is more than your standard contact validation tool. In addition to validating phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses, it integrates directly with other industry-leading Validity products, providing complete data management solutions that solve your biggest pain points and generate more revenue.

Stop wasting time and money trying to connect with invalid phone numbers and mailing addresses.