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Salesforce Ben and Validity Bring Tips for Teams Managing Salesforce Data

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With teams working remotely, it can be more challenging than ever to not only work cross-functionally, but to create a unified approach to data management. Without alignment, success will be hard to come by.

That’s why Ben McCarthy, creator of the popular blog Salesforce Ben and chief revenue officer of Nymble, will team up with Validity for a free 30-minute webinar on May 22 to give you the tools and tips your teams will need to better manage Salesforce data. These are the top three things you’ll know after spending time with Salesforce Ben and Olivia Hinkle, senior product marketing manager from Validity.

How the Elite 8 Prioritizes data.

Who are the Elite 8? These are the eight percent of research respondents who have higher confidence in their data, more accurate sales forecasting, and follow the three top best practices for data management. Ben and Olivia will explore why they’re the most influential data managers in the business, and what they’re doing that you can start doing today to increase your confidence in your data.

The three things setting the best organizations apart.

There are three major components the Elite 8 have in common going beyond their actual practices. It’s lies in how they build their infrastructure, with three crucial pillars: leadership support, a data governance process, and a cross-functional management team. What steps can you take to adopt a successful infrastructure? Olivia and Ben will help you figure that out.

The five things you need to start doing today for better cross-team alignment through data.

You can get started right now. Ben and Olivia have five tips for you to use to get your data management process on the track to success, starting from kick off to documentation. All five work together to create a foundation for data quality that can be applied to any team, including starting with a strong kick-off process, maintaining a stringent documentation standard, and trusting the greater team will all contribute to the quest for better data quality. These tips help ensure all departments are on the same page and benefitting from the same great data you’re working hard to maintain.

It’ll be an info-packed 30 minutes you won’t want to miss! Register now for Tips and Tools for Managing Salesforce Data as a Team with Salesforce Ben on May 22, hosted free by Validity.



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