Free Email Delivery Certification for Crisis Communications

Who is Validity for Good for?

In order to qualify, businesses and government agencies must demonstrate they meet the following criteria:

  • Sender should be a bona fide Critical and Essential business with a need to communicate critical response information to constituents for the purpose of public safety
  • Campaigns and content must be legitimate COVID-19 or Ukrainian crisis emergency mitigation and response oriented – no relationship/sponsored/third party/promotional content in the name of COVID-19 or the crisis in Ukraine
  • Validity will certify a limited number of campaigns over a limited time for the purpose of enhancing deliverability during campaign deployment
  • The sending IP addresses can be dedicated or shared. 
  • Sender must provide the sending domains
  • The campaigns sent off those IPs can only contain COVID-19 or the invasion of Ukraine related health and/or safety information (no promotional ads)
  • Sender must provide content ahead of campaign deployment for Validity approval
  • Corporate/one to one message content is not allowed

* The emergency response and Certification is provided as-is with no warrants express or implied and does not create any long-term rights or obligations on the part of Validity to certify any campaign other that what we expressly agree to with you. 

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