Salesforce Cleaning Kit

Your Salesforce squeegee, duplicate dust-buster, and record Roomba—all in one.

Managing dirty data can get expensive. On average, it costs $1 to prevent a duplicate record, $10 to correct it, and $100 to store it.

Ready to give your CRM that squeaky-clean feeling?

Meet Validity DemandTools: the fast-acting, deep-cleansing data management tool that enables better data hygiene and improves the effectiveness of sales, marketing and support teams.

Users can:


Discover weak points in your data and know where to focus.


Clean and prevent duplicates, and maintain a duplicate-free CRM automatically.


Apply mass changes to your records and get customer insights in just a few clicks.


Cleanly add records to Salesforce and route them to the right owner and campaign in one process.


Transfer Salesforce data to other systems, extract specific datasets or documents, and back up records.


Remove old records, free up storage space, and stay compliant with data regulations.

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DemandTools customers see positive cashflows in just three months—and an ROI of 418 percent in three years.*

For an extra-deep clean…

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Got dupe drama? Learn easier ways to find, merge, and prevent Salesforce duplicates to stop them from sabotaging your business.

On-demand webinar

AI is hot—and gives CRM pros a way to work faster and more efficiently. But you know what they say: Garbage in, garbage out. Learn how to prepare your data for AI and how to get maximum value from your AI investments.

Customer Story

See how this world-class law firm used DemandTools to transform their customer experience. Pre-Validity, Freshfields needed 12 admins to manage their database manually. Now, they’re down to just two, as most of the logic is automated in DemandTools.

“Days worth of work is wiped off my plate using DemandTools. I won’t—I can’t do my job without it.”

Leyna Hoffer – CRM Success Manager,
Salesforce Hall of Famer and 9x MVP

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