WTF Is Email Deliverability?

Learn the difference between deliverability vs delivery & why it matters.

Did you know one in six messages fail to reach the inbox? How many of your messages go missing? This speaks to your deliverability, or your sender reputation’s impact on the performance of your email.  

Unfamiliar with the term “deliverability?” You’ve come to the right place. In WTF is Deliverability, we break down what deliverability is, what affects your deliverability, and how your deliverability affects the performance of all your email marketing activity. We’ll go beyond the simple opened and delivered metrics to show you what really matters and how you can improve how many messages actually REACH your recipients. 

Download to understand: 

– The difference between simple delivery and complex deliverability 

– What factors impact your email sender reputation and the success of your campaigns 

– Which metrics should matter the most to your goals 

– How to take charge of your deliverability and reap the rewards 



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