State of Email Live, Ep. 24: Bridging the Reporting Metrics Gap

Most email marketers think they’re doing a great job communicating with their subscribers and sending them relevant content. However, according to the DMA’s Email Research series (sponsored by Validity), consumers don’t always feel that’s the case!

All too often, marketers lack the right data to measure their true effectiveness. In this edition of State of Email Live, we’re joined by Rabia Khan, Marketing Chapter Lead at Direct Line Group. She draws on her expertise to discuss the gaps in perceived email relevance, the data she uses to bridge them, and why she believes BIMI is going to be a game changer for driving improved brand recognition.

You’ll learn:

  • Why more than 20% of marketing emails never reach the inbox (and how to fix this)
  • Why click-throughs only represent ¼ of total responses
  • How subscribers really feel about email relevance
  • How BIMI will increase open rates through increased trust and recognition

Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar also features the latest in email and data trends, presented by Rafael Viana.

We’ve also launched an infographic that visualizes the key challenges discussed in the webinar, as well as succinct tips and tricks for how to deal with them. Download the Bridging the Reporting Metrics Gap infographic here.