Data in Sight: 5 Steps to Cure Data Chaos and Delight CRM Users

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Data is messy. And while it may be your business’s most versatile asset, the data in your CRM is only as good as your ability to maintain it.

Tune in to hear from Olivia Hinkle, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Validity, as she lays out 5 easy steps to cure data chaos, align your business teams with a thoughtful data management strategy, and enable CRM users to get their work done faster with more intuitive data entry workflows (after all, working with CRM data doesn’t have to be boring!)

You will learn:

  • The prime culprits of data chaos, and how to curb them
  • The hidden impact that messy, inaccurate CRM data has on your business
  • 5 steps you can implement today to bring order and alignment to your CRM and delight your users