Why choose Everest over SparkPost?

If you’re here because you’re looking for SparkPost alternatives, or if you’re evaluating deliverability solutions in the market today, then you’re doing the right thing by taking time to find a product that will help you reach more people, increase engagement, and improve efficiencies of your email program.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Over 10,000 companies use Validity solutions to generate more revenue and increases the lifetime value (LTV) of their database.

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So, what’s the difference between Everest and SparkPost?

Yes, Everest has a more robust and reliable data network. Yes, Everest provides exclusive solutions you can’t get elsewhere. Yes, Everest is built from our own technology instead of third-party solutions. But before we get into the details about these product features that make Everest a clear choice over SparkPost, let’s start with a key differentiator – our industry leadership and expertise.

Everest is built by the combined forces of Return Path, BriteVerify, and 250ok. Bringing together 20+ years of email experience and continuous learning from their flagship products into this unified and more powerful platform.

This combined knowledge and first-hand experience allows us to understand marketers in a way that’s unlike any other company in the industry today. We understand your goals, we recognize your challenges, and we’ve built our solutions and services – and continue to advance them – to help you succeed. That’s why over 10,000 marketers rely on our email solutions.

We know your email marketing campaigns are a critical channel for your business. Unlike SparkPost, Everest is a true all-in-one solution that helps showcase the value of your email marketing by improving performance metrics and increasing program efficiencies.

So, if you’re a marketer who is being judged on the performance of your email campaigns and need to prove ROI from your email channel then you are in the right place. We’ve created Everest for you.

Need more convincing?

The rest of this page is for you. We spoke to email experts throughout the industry to help us understand why marketers choose Everest over SparkPost. They gave us some compelling reasons and we’ve highlighted the most important ones below. We hope this helps guide your decision.

The Everest data network provides more accurate results that represent your audience and don’t put you at risk for unethical marketing practices.

We believe the data you use to drive decisions should be reflective of your audience and your email program.

That’s why Everest leverages the largest email data network in the industry. We analyze over 3 trillion data points every year through hundreds of proprietary data feeds and customer data to provide you with more accurate insights to improve the outcomes of your email program.

Our inbox placement tool leverages the industry’s largest global seed network to provide results that are actionable and reliable. Our network provides comprehensive coverage across 140 ISPs in 38 countries. Your results are weighted to reflect your audience so you can focus on the email providers that have the biggest impact on your program. These results drive confident and strategic decisions to help you get more messages in front of more people.

SparkPost uses panel data to feed their Inbox Tracker tool. At Validity, we don’t use panel data because ethical marketing and customer privacy are our top priorities. The results provided through panel data are produced by tools that manipulate the mailbox and can be geographically biased. Therefore, they are not representative of your email audience. Why make critical decisions based on data that doesn’t reflect your audience? We don’t recommend it.

See how Everest’s inbox placement tool can help you.

Our credibility in the industry means our partnerships work for you.

Everest gives you access to exclusive solutions like Certification, that SparkPost cannot match. These solutions are built from our broad partnerships to help marketers boost email deliverability and engagement.

Certification is the industry’s most unique and powerful sending practices program that helps reputable senders achieve higher inbox placement rates. Certified senders are eligible to receive benefits at top mailbox providers who use our Certified list as a positive signal of reputation when making filtering decisions. Additionally, Certification provides continuous monitoring, a dedicated compliance team, and partnerships with leading mailbox providers, giving marketers exclusive insights to react quickly and maintain email communication with their customers.

See the impact that Certification had across 20 email programs.

View Time Optimization (VTO) delivers your emails to top inbox positions the moment users are active in their inbox. The results? More impressions, more engagement, and more conversions from your best audiences. VTO by Yahoo is the only technology in the world that takes the guesswork out of when to send emails to Yahoo and AOL mailboxes.

See how Hickory Farms increased open rates by 150% using VTO.

Owning our technology allows us to innovate and adapt to your needs.

As the next generation email deliverability platform, we’ve made strategic investments to create our own intellectual property. Since it’s our technology, we have control over the roadmap for our all-in-one platform. This allows us to correlate data across related functionality, giving you more actionable results. We continue to innovate and build solutions guided by the direction of our customers.

SparkPost has thrown together tech from separate third parties to “check the box” on key features. Some of the tech they’ve thrown together is tech they’ve gotten illegally by stealing that intellectual property from 250ok. In doing so, they attempt to give the impression of a more complete platform. However, the solutions were not designed to work together limiting the ability to function as an integrated platform. In addition, relying on third parties further limits their ability to make updates and roll out new features.

Customer ratings don’t lie

Still not convinced?

These are just a few reasons, but we’d love to tell you more. Schedule a live, personalized demo with one of our experts.



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