State of Email Live, Ep. 26: Peak Sales Season

This year’s peak sales season is shaping up to smash all records. Current email volumes are already on par with last year’s peak sales season, and as Black Friday and the holiday season grow closer, deliverability is going to become a bigger challenge than ever. For businesses to avoid losing money during this revenue-critical season, it’s crucial for emails to make it to the inbox.

In this edition of State of Email Live, you’ll hear from Kostas Karagkounis, Deliverability Operations Lead at Emarsys, and Antony Humphreys, Email Strategy Delivery Lead at Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. They’ll help us understand the challenges surrounding deliverability and provide an actionable set of tips, tricks, and tactics that can be implemented in time for this year’s biggest events.

You’ll learn:

  • How email senders (and their service providers) are preparing for peak sales season
  • Which new events are creating additional performance pressure
  • How Covid-19 will affect peak sales season
  • Whether Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection will have a significant impact
  • The most important tactics to improve deliverability and engagement

Hosted and moderated by Guy Hanson, this webinar will also feature the latest in email and data trends presented by Tori Garcia. Join us for another info-packed hour!