[Inbox Insiders] New Year, New Email Program: Uncovering the Secrets to Email Success in 2023

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When the going gets tough, tough email marketers get going.

Signs indicate 2023 might be a difficult one for email senders. Recession woes, tight consumer privacy laws, and sky-high consumer expectations all make it difficult to win in the inbox.

But this email climate does present opportunities for senders who can be agile.

In January’s episode of Inbox Insiders, Validity’s in-house email strategist Julie Stuck will arm senders with expert tactics to earn more from email in 2023.

Watch on-demand for details on:

  • How to correctly nurture the leads you collected in Q4
  • The right way to optimize your email journeys to save time while earning more clicks and conversions
  • Tips to pre-screen your emails for spam triggers
  • Winning strategies to find the right omnichannel marketing mix—including how to find success with SMS