[Inbox Insiders] Live, Laugh, List Management: 5 Strategies to Overcome Common Email List Management Issues

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When cared for properly, a subscriber list is an email marketer’s best friend. (The Robin to your Batman! The Gayle to your Oprah!)

If neglected, it’ll turn into your worst nightmare—think blocklists, complaints, and very unhappy bosses.

Is your email list ready to drive killer results in 2023?

Most marketers are facing less headcount, shrinking budgets, and cash-strapped subscribers who are less likely to click. Yet somehow, the expectations of your performance haven’t changed.

For five key strategies to get maximum value from your list in 2023, watch February on-demand episode of Inbox Insiders, featuring Validity’s in-house email operations expert, Sarah Luong.

She covered what to do when:

  • The marketing team wants to send their email to the entire database
  • Your boss has a “hunch” email performance is down—and expects you to come up with answers
  • Sales asks why their cold lists can’t be included in marketing emails
  • You’re suddenly asked to create and manage an email preference center