Case Study

Global Financial Services Company

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This financial services company relies heavily on email communication, sending between 12 and 15 email campaigns on a weekly basis. These include a mixture of opinions, news, and offers. With emails designed to meet the
requirements of each subscriber—for example, millennials may receive emails about savings accounts, while those aged 55+ may receive emails related to retirement investments—the aim is to educate individuals and businesses at
every stage of life.


As the company grew, it went through a transitional period, moving from an email service provider to an automated marketing platform. However, with the marketing team facing demanding schedules and an overall lack of
insight into email performance, the company was concerned that it wasn’t implementing the most effective email campaigns. It was also important that the marketing team was able to prove to its internal stakeholders that
emails were being delivered and that it was seen as a reliable sender.


The organization turned to Return Path for its Certification solution to improve the company’s sender reputation among its target mailbox providers. Return Path’s Certification program is accepted by mailbox providers
around the world and is the only program of its kind with such universal adoption. By becoming Certified, brands’ emails are acknowledged as safe and reputable, leading to reduced filtering and better inbox placement with
major mailbox providers.

The Return Path Platform was also used for greater insight into deliverability, giving inbox placement data (inbox vs. spam) for mailbox providers across the globe.


After qualifying for Return Path Certification, the company saw a 20 percent lift in inbox placement across the board. And with the Return Path Platform, the client had full insight into their email campaigns,
including deliverability and open rates. Using this data, the company was able to ascertain what content was driving high engagement and when engagement was at its highest, they could tailor its campaigns accordingly.

Using Return Path’s Email Client Monitor, the company was also able to gain insight into the phases of engagement each day. Once they knew that engagement levels were on the rise between 5am and 9am each day, followed
by large peaks of interest around 11am and 9pm, the team was able to use this data to ensure they were sending emails at times that were driving maximum engagement. By sending emails earlier in the day, the company saw
seen a 71 percent increase in transactions.