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Global Electronics Company

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The email marketing program is a key component of this electronics company’s communications strategy, with promotional and discount emails being sent to 66 countries over 24 business groups. With more than 250 email campaigns implemented per month across its B2C and B2B clients, they need a high-performing, reliable email.


Managing multiple email audiences for different sectors of the business, the company was struggling to gain insight into its email deliverability and performance. Indeed, with little monitoring in place, they were sending emails blind, with no visibility of how each campaign was being received. Following a campaign implemented in 2014, the company discovered that its Sender Score—a comprehensive measurement that assesses a sender’s email reputation—was 7 out of a possible 100.

The organization turned to Return Path for its Certification solution to improve their reputation amongst mailbox providers, prevent emails from being blacklisted and provide greater overall visibility of its email program.


The company acquired three new IP addresses and underwent a rigorous Certification process with Return Path. A certified whitelist, Return Path Certification is the only program of its kind to be accepted by mailbox providers across the globe. Following Certification, the brand’s emails were acknowledged as secure and reputable, leading to reduced filtering and more successful inbox placement with major mailbox providers.

The company was also educated about the importance of improving its Sender Score. Much like a credit score, the Sender Score measures the health of a company’s email program, taking into consideration factors including spam complaints, industry blacklists, and poorly maintained lists.


By becoming Certified, emails were no longer being directed to subscribers’ spam folders. As a result, the organization saw an overall rise in its Sender Score. Indeed, its Sender Score has risen to 99, with inbox placement seeing an increase of 70 percent.

Finally, by having the ability to spot problems with email campaigns early on due to the wealth of Certification data now available, the company is now able to focus on designing optimal sending strategies for each division of the company. The company’s developer team has also built a standardized email campaign creator, which coupled with Return Path’s insights, has created much more efficient, collaborative, and reliable email program.