Exceptional Email: doing the right thing to generate top rank performance

To Excite and to Entertain is the Rank Group’s founding mission, but not at the cost of their consumers’ wellbeing!

Sarah Hawkes at the Rank Group is well versed when it comes to using a database selectively, effectively & ethically ensuring their customers are happy and safe thanks to a broad set of checks and the use of AI but also safeguarding the group’s sender reputation that they’ve worked so hard to build!

Sarah tell us how she overcomes the challenges linked with an email channel that serves multiple brands in a particularly challenging sector, fulfilled by different teams, based in different locations around the world, and operating very different technology.

Join us to learn:

  • The development of the Rank Group’s ethical policy . . . and the big upsides of having happy, healthy customers.
  • The benefits (and challenges) of holding FinTech levels of rich, high-quality customer data.
  • How the Rank Group uses that data to train their AI solutions to deliver highly-optimised personalisation.
  • The critical importance of having world-class deliverability, how the Rank Group achieves this, and what it means to their business.

The imminent peak season (poised to smash all records!) is your chance to bet on exceptional email for stronger and more sustainable long-term customer relationships.



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