Data In Sight: Nitty, Gritty Tactics to Improve Data Quality and Fuel your Sales & Marketing Funnel

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Many orgs struggle to connect the dotted line between SFDC data management and revenue, leaving CRM managers without the buy-in and support needed to truly transform their go-to-market machine.

Tune in to get the tactical, “in-the-weeds” tips you need to:

  • Make an immediate impact on your organization’s CRM data quality, prioritizing the fields and data points that matter most
  • Reframe the role of the CRM team from a reactive, “problem fixer”, to a proactive “value creator” that captures leadership support
  • Fuel the sales and marketing funnel with high-quality, actionable data that your users can trust
  • Surface quick wins for your sales and marketing teams to get more conversions and win more deals