Data In Sight: 3 Steps to Kick-Start Your Data Quality Journey

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The road to high-quality CRM data is littered with potholes: Duplicates, messy list uploads, and sloppy user entries are only the beginning of the challenge for admins and ops teams tasked with keeping the CRM clean.

Where do you start? Where do you focus your time? And what are the scalable, repeatable systems and methodologies you can stand up today, to save you time and headache tomorrow?

Tune in to hear from Ashley Sierant, Senior Director of Customer Success at Validity, as she breaks down 3 quick, tactical steps you can take to kick-start your data quality journey and set your CRM, your users, and your business up for success.

You will learn:

  • The state of CRM data management today, with key trends and insights about orgs just like yours and the most prevalent data quality challenges they’re facing
  • How to combat “data fabrication” and establish a single, unbiased view of CRM data to align go-to-market departments
  • 3 steps to get your data quality management program started, and how to scale it as your organization grows