Clueing in on List Hygiene: Catch the Culprit of Poor Email Performance

What’s killing your email performance? We’re here to help you solve the mystery.

Is your email performance suffering? If so, poor list hygiene may be to blame.

List hygiene plays a big role in determining whether your emails make it to the inbox or the spam folder. If your list isn’t clean—or comprised of valid, positively engaged subscribers—it can significantly lower your deliverability and have deadly consequences on your email performance.

There’s just one problem: How can you improve poor list hygiene if you don’t know what’s causing it in the first place?

We created this guide to help you solve the mystery. Read Clueing in on List Hygiene to discover:

  • The nine most common culprits of poor list hygiene
  • Expert tips on how to catch these culprits and save your email performance
  • Tools and technology to keep your list clean and prevent these culprits from striking again

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