APAC Peak Sales, Peak Performance

Email marketers know of the challenges email campaigns face, which increase as they approach peak sales season.

Starting in mid-October and lasting well into the new year, we see sales around holidays like Diwali, Click Frenzy, Singles Day and Chinese New Year as well as more global holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. The rise in the number of offers, discounts, countdowns, and “last chance” emails hitting inboxes at this time can cause subscriber fatigue, leading to higher complaint rates and lower engagement. Cue deliverability problems and a downturn in ROI.

Alex Coussy from Camilla Australia and Angel Khong from David Jones will join Validity’s Guy Hanson and William Zhang to discuss what these challenges are and how email marketers can prepare for them, as well as:

  • What is the biggest mistake Click Frenzy email senders make?
  • How is Apple MPP going to impact the use of countdown timers?
  • Which event is bigger than Black Friday, and what unique deliverability challenges does it pose?