2023 Email Deliverability Benchmark Report

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How does your email program measure up?

The road to the inbox is growing more and more complicated. 

Shaky economic conditions, evolving subscriber preferences, and new technology trends are keeping senders on their toes—and keeping 1 in 6 legitimate, permission-based emails from landing in the inbox. 

To learn why global deliverability in 2023 is more challenging than ever (and how senders should respond), check out this new report from Validity. 

Key findings include: 

  • 1 in 10 emails are not accepted by receiving mailbox providers (MBPs) 
  • Deliverability at MAGY (Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo) global MBPs is 86%, which is higher than the global average 
  • Apple’s IPR (66%) highlights the difficulties of measuring engagement post-MPP (Mail Privacy Protection) 

Plus, find insights such as: 

  • An analysis of global deliverability (including inbox placement, spam placement, and missing rate) by region 
  • Guidance to achieve strong deliverability at major mailbox providers 
  • A breakdown of email deliverability by industry 
  • Actionable tips for senders to improve their deliverability—starting today