What’s Your Email Marketing IQ?

Red hot: You’re
a habanero pepper!

Flavor profile

There’s no mistaking it—you’re hot, hot, hot. You’re not for the faint of heart (though you can probably convince them to take a chance).

Your email knowledge is almost top notch. But there’s still room for improvement.

Maybe that one segment of non-responders has been left languishing for too long. Maybe your templates are looking a little bland. Check to make sure you haven’t been resting too heavily on your laurels.


Kick it up a notch

Don’t be so focused on what you’ve got cooking on the stove that you forget to keep track of the rest of your kitchen.

For expert guidance to heat up all aspects of your email marketing strategy, tune into our monthly Inbox Insiders webinar series.

Each episode is just 30 minutes of practical, actionable email tips: No fluff (and no bland topics) guaranteed.

Still craving more?

You’re well on your way to firing on all cylinders.

For maximum heat, get cookin’ with a technology partner like Validity.

Validity Sender Certification helps senders achieve scorching-hot email performance by helping them reach the inbox—not the spam folder. What could be spicier than that?  

To learn how the Sender Certification program can help you bring the heat in subscribers’ inboxes, protect your campaigns from deliverability threats, and get more eyes on your messages, see if you’re pre-approved today.