What’s Your Email Marketing IQ?

You’ve got some kick:
You’re a jalapeño pepper!

Flavor profile

Is it hot in here or is it just your emails? You may seem unassuming at first, but you definitely earn a double take. You’ve got the basics and best practices down, and aren’t afraid to throw in a little extra heat.

Your spicy sends are good at piquing subscribers’ interests. But does your email program inspire long-term loyalty?

It’s one thing to get subscribers to open an email—it’s another thing entirely to have them looking forward to opening your emails time and time again.


Kick it up a notch

You’ve whetted their appetites. Now don’t be afraid to expand your readers’ palettes through experimentation.

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Ready for maximum heat?

For maximum heat, get cookin’ with a technology partner like Validity.

Validity Sender Certification helps senders achieve scorching-hot email performance by helping them reach the inbox—not the spam folder. What could be spicier than that?  

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